Looking back at 22

So y22 has been a pretty big year for me. I have traveled to 3 different countries, went from being a student to a graduate to unemployled to working full time! As I have turned 23 today, I would like to take some time to reflect on what I have achieved when I was 22. Please scroll down to view the month by month breakdown. Enjoy! :)


Celebrated the start of being 22 with a small gathering of some of my best uni buddies.


This picture is from a simple celebration. Catherine’s birthday at the School of IT and later at her place where we all had to dress as something that starts with ‘C’. C for ‘Cyndi Lauper’, Crocodile, Cow, 'Clark Kent’, ‘Charlie’s Angel’, Cowgirl, Christmas tree and the list goes on…


I travelled with my synchro club to participate in the 2014 Brisbane Nationals for Synchronised Swimming as a coach and as a judge. The picture is of my swimmers and their Penguin themed swimming suits.


I’ve unlocked a Life Milestone by officially graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Science. Big thank you to everyone especially my mum for being so supportive during this journey.


Swimmers from my pre-competitive squad performed in the end of Term synchro display at the Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre.


Onesie day at work! I think we took this picture in the meeting room just before everyone arrived.


Getting coloured during the Swisse Colour Run with Bonnie, Carina and Liz.


Since there wasn't anything particularly exciting that happened this month, I am gonna dedicate this month to my Mahikari Youth Group friends who have been a part of making my life filled with love and light.


Enjoyed high tea with these lovely ladies that I was friends with since the first year of university. They have been absolutely amazing in helping me in my first two years at uni, by taking notes for me and supporting me with my studies while I was often away for training camps and competitions.


A shout out to my friend Katrina, who has been my best friend since we met when we were 12. She has made my trip back to KL in December so eventful. Thanks for organising everything and taking time off your crazy schedule to be with me. xx


Reunited with my siblings and their families since the last time we met almost 3 years ago. I miss spending time with my family and I look forward to the next time we are all together again.


This month marks the first anniversary of my relationship with Gian.