Youth in the 21st Century

Sukyo Mahikari aims to assist young people to develop their full potential spiritually, mentally and physically.

The inherent nature of young people is to be filled with energy, enthusiasm and vitality. Youth is a time of life to develop a strong foundation for the future, and to clarify personal goals and priorities.

We face great challenges in order to build a sustainable world of flourishment for all humankind. It is the youth of the world who will become the leaders of the next stage of our civilisation.

youth in a study class

Youth in a study class

Sukyo Mahikari conducts training programs that provide opportunities for young people to consolidate a foundation in their lives that is community and service-oriented.

youth in the 21st century

Youth in the 21st century

Our Youth Group activities give young people the chance to build close friendships with one another, as well as positive relationships with the community.

They have been involved in tree planting for Greening Australia, Clean Up Australia campaigns as well as other forms of community service, such as graffiti removal and care for the elderly.

They are also often involved in sharing the Light of God with others, through community fairs and public stalls.