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What is Your Interest?

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What is Sukyo Mahikari?

Sukyo Mahikari has become the fastest growing spiritual organisation in Japan and has now been introduced to over 75 countries worldwide.
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Youth in the 21st Century

It is the youth of the world who will become the leaders of the next stage of our civilisation.
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Holistic Health and Well-being

To deal appropriately with the causes of poor health, it is important to address things holistically – spiritually, mentally and physically.
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Sustainable Environment and Agriculture

The art of spiritual purification, utilising the Light of God, can help to detoxify our environment, our food, and our bodies. Learn more >>

Religious Harmony

The Light of God can illuminate and clarify that the source and core of religious teaching is one.
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Fulfilment in Work, Studies and Daily Life

There are often spiritual causes and influences that contribute to problems in people's careers, businesses, workplaces and educational endeavours. Learn more >>

Relationships and Happy Families

All people have the wish to have loving and supportive relationships in their lives, and stable, harmonious and happy families.
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Financial and Economic Prosperity

Through practising the principles of 'spiritual economics', it is possible to achieve lasting prosperity. Learn more >>

Personal Spirituality

Sukyo Mahikari teachings and purification with God’s Light strengthens and promotes each person’s spirituality and spiritual journey.
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Further Reading and Websites

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Further Reading and Websites
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